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CQRS is a useful pattern to reason about the activities of a specific domain. But it definitely comes with a steep learning curve. Reads, Writes, DDD, Event Sourcing, Eventual Consistency, why should we care?

This is a cross-post of my original article on my own space: CQRS: Why? And all the things to consider. Feel free to take a look and check out my other articles.


I’m working on a new project intended to replace a large — too large — monolith that created ramifications and introduce coupling in the whole company.

To adapt to the evolving needs of the…

Stéphane Derosiaux

CTO @getconduktor for Apache Kafka. Architecturing @Adeo. Apache Kafka Dev & Ops Certified, AWS Certified, Scala, Kotlin, Go, HTML, love ’em all!

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